What is a Third-Party Planner?

GEM is a Third-Party Planner hired by an association, organization, or special interest group to either:

  1. Plan, manage and execute events from start to finish.
  2. Provide assistance with various event tasks and assist an internal planner, committee or team.

We specialize in meetings and events.  As Third-Party Planners, we continue our education based on what is happening in the meetings industry, focusing on trends, new technology, and building industry and supplier relationships to benefit clients.  Recently for example getting up to speed on all things virtual and hybrid.

The knowledge a Third-Party Planner can bring is determined by their experience, perspectives, and best practices.  An internal planner may understand their group however they might not have a diverse comparison to expand upon.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Third-Party Planner?

Especially with the current circumstances and changes from COVID-19, your company or association may have limited resources or limited time to dedicate to planning, managing, and executing events. In times like these more than ever it’s important to stay connected and engage your membership and audience.   Event professionals provide cost-effective solutions and allow you to dedicate resources on more valuable and skillful work.  Hiring a dedicated professional can ensure efficiency and success with your event(s) outcome.

Here are 5 key benefits to consider:


Outsourcing tasks to a third-part planner means you will have the skill set required to plan, manage, and execute your event(s) without investing in a full or part time employee.  You can pay on a project-by-project basis.  With a third-party planner, you will get the most value to maximize your budget and execute stronger events.


You will be able to tap into the third-party planner’s industry connections and developed relationships to maximize your purchasing power which will lead to significant savings.


Experienced professionals specialize in meetings and events of all kinds and continue their education in the meetings industry, focus on trends, new technology, and building industry and supplier relationships to benefit clients.


A third-party planner is a centralized approach to manage all your event needs in one place versus dealing with multiple suppliers and service providers.  A third-party planner coordinates all event aspects, so you are dealing with one contact saving time and money!


Associations, companies, and groups are responsible for realizing event goals and often generating sufficient return on investment.  When you work with a third-party planner, they will assist with realistic milestones and provide detailed reporting for you to stay on course and plan to improve future events.


Do you have more questions or are  you interested in hiring a third-party planner for your business?
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